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Telomere Lengthening Therapy

Telomere are protective caps at the end of the chromosome. The telomere length specifies the number of divisions a cell can undergo before it finally dies. Telomerase therapies are thought to work because telomerase lengthens telomeres

Neurotransmitter Therapy

Neurotransmitter therapy works to prevent neurotransmitter imbalance by keeping excitatory and inhibitory system in balance



This is just a placeholder, Go to SitePad Editor to add your own text and edit me.Making smart health choices begins with demanding excellence. You should know that we never accept anything less than the absolute best: our quality control standards is such that our nutritional medicine are prescribed only by qualified and accedited practitioners and innovative doctors in order to maintain the highest standard of quality control.


We source only the best raw materials for our nutritional supplements. We only do business with the world’s most reputable suppliers, and all raw materials are carefully processed to preserve chemical complexity. So you know that what’s on our product label is what’s in your supplement. Nothing more … and certainly nothing less … goes into your body.


Many commercial manufacturers emphasize that their supplements cost less. But cheaper is not better, because they do this by using less-than-optimal doses along with less-than-premium-quality ingredients. We never choose our ingredients based on cost — which means you always get the most nutritional potency for your dollar. And when it comes to your health, why would you settle for anything less?

Evidence Based Unique formulations

Our innovative formulas are based on the latest research, but also something more … our passionate belief in a clinically validated, scientific approach to better nutrition. It’s been the bedrock of our business for over 35 years. And our accumulated body of knowledge makes it possible for us to develop unique formulations you won’t find anywhere else on the market. Simply put, unequaled experience leads to unmatched products.

Practitioner Benefits:

  1. You prescribe
  2. Your patients buy online directly with your unique doctor’s code
  3. The nutritional medicine get shipped directly to the patients’ doorsteps within 2 days
  4. You earn your consultation fees plus your margin from your prescriptions
  5. No need to stock and buy any medicine yourself
  6. Ensure all legal liabilities are complied with and insured against
  7. Become part of an affiliate programme where you earn from your patient’s referral to other patients
  8. Your practice gets promoted and endorsed internationally
  9. Give your patients access to nutritional medicine unavailable in your country
  10. Giving you treatment solutions for advanced diagnostic Lab tests by WellLab:

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Evidence based Nutritional Medicine by Doctor’s Prescription only

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